Practicing Massive Gratitude

This last week was all about gratitude and abundance. It came up everywhere I turned but it wasn’t until I was on a call with one of my accountability groups that I really got it. After I had my “aha” moment which I describe in the video, I started taking the feeling of being massively grateful into my meditation practice and allowing it to inform and overflow into my day.

As a follow up to the video, which I recorded a few days ago, let me say that this practice of being massively grateful has resulted in some really neat opportunities showing up for me. Leading to even more feelings of gratitude. Since this is my first of hopefully many video blogs, I welcome your feedback as I am always trying to create good content that inspires you. Today I am massively grateful for you reading and watching this!


  1. Love it!

    • Thanks Nicole!

  2. I love the idea of “massive gratitude!” What a great thing to consciously think about and practice daily. Thanks, Ali.

    • I know I thought it was so brilliant when I heard it. It just adds to the good feeling gratitude already brings. Thanks for leaving a comment Robin!

  3. It’s been some time since I’ve watched your gratitude video, but wanted to share with you that, as a result of your message, I now practice massive gratitude before I get out of bed. Rather than focus on what I have to do or how cold it is here in NJ, I focus on what I am grateful for. The list is so long sometimes! This simple practice has truly changed how I start — and go through — my day. So powerful. Thanks so much, Ali!



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