Accountability Works

Accountability Works

The simple act of putting accountability around what you “intend” to do, unlocks a goldmine of focused action, self-awareness and compassion!  It will shock you how quickly you are able to create new habits and the results you’ve been wanting.

Your group will inspire you and you will inspire them. Your facilitator will act as as your guide, applying their knowledge of how to operate from the principles of commitment and accountability, and when necessary providing the feedback you need to identify what is holding you back.

  • Optimized Program: 1 hour conference call, once a week, for 10-12 weeks (depending on which session you join).
  • Small Group Format: Personalized, small groups of 2-4 people.


Individual sessions are a great way to get started with accountability if you want more personalized attention from your facilitator.

  • Optimized Program: 30-minute conference call, once a week, for 10-12 weeks (depending on which session you join).


  • Focused Action: Decide what you want to focus on. Don’t worry if you don’t know, we provide a detailed one-on-one intake session to help you clarify what you want to work on. Then we ask you to set weekly commitments on the actions you want to take. The calls are structured so that you get to check in on your commitments and get the feedback you need to move forward. Focused action creates momentum and that translates into overcoming challenges and getting to where you want to go in record time.
  • Self-Awareness: Accountability Works is about creating change. This process takes the big picture of where you see yourself “one-day” and compels you to actively work on it, right now. By taking you out of the future tense and into the present you are able to stop putting things off and replace procrastination with action. As challenges present themselves you have a heightened awareness because you have a commitment to keep, not just to yourself, but one that you have declared publicly.
  • Compassion: We tend to be much too hard on ourselves and it’s counterproductive. In the small groups everyone wins because you can identify and feel compassion for others and therefore for yourself. If we achieve everything we want but don’t allow ourselves to enjoy it, what’s the point? Compassion, kindness, and self-love are all essential for a sense of real satisfaction and personal success.