A Reminder to Take Imperfect Action

All week I have been reciting this mantra in my head. “Take imperfect action. Take imperfect action. Take imperfect action.” (I got this from Jadah Sellner‘s talk at the World Domination Summit. Seriously, check her out, she is awesome.) Since I’ve been digesting the idea of imperfect action, it’s making me feel lighter, more willing […]

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This is no time to be a chickensh*t


The best line I heard at World Domination Summit for sure was uttered by Sandi Wheaton. She was an attendee who was brave enough to share her story in front of the jam packed theater. She said to herself after being laid off from her job of 10 years. “This is no time to be […]

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Heading for World Domination

So tomorrow it’s happening! Shauna and I  are heading up to Portland, Oregon for the 4th Annual World Domination Summit. If you don’t know what that is, check it out. It’s an unusual gathering of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers with an impressive list of speakers. I’m going because I’m a big fan of Chris Guillebeau and […]

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