Inspiration Vacation

Months and months ago, sitting around a table with some of my very favorite women, we started talking about Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend. We pulled out our phones confirmed that we could all make the Seattle weekend and when ticket sales opened we pulled the trigger. I realized as I was scheduling flights […]

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Are you getting enough “me” time?

Me time

If the answer is no, I suggest waking up earlier. It might sound painful but it’s worth it. I’m waking up in the early, early morning and although it was difficult at first, I’m loving it. The reason I get up extra early in the morning is to do the things for myself that I would […]

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42 Days of Focus

Screenshot 2014-10-09 07.02.28

I’m in the midst of a 42 Day total system reboot.  It’s six weeks of daily yoga, building from a 20 minute practice to a 90 minute practice. Meditation twice a day, starting at 5 minutes and working up to 30 minutes, so by the end meditating 1 hour a day. A cleansing diet based in Ayurvedic […]

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Winter Session

The Winter Session of Accountability Works will be open for enrollment on December 29, 2014. Please click here for details.

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